Reviews of Blood Feast

Review from Steinar Selstø at
“Jeg liker det jeg hører. Jeg liker det godt. Sannsynligvis fordi det er så lett å like. Seven Women For Satan byr på sett og vis på det meste av hva skiva er god for. Den åpner med et fett riff, i dette tilfellet med klare Slayer-hint. Refrenget er catchy og fester seg umiddelbart. I tillegg er drivet og energien aldeles herlig.”

Review at Metal Forever & Metal Man from the Czech Republic:
“The craft is well managed and the singer twists his vocal cords in an adequately cracked tone. The climax comes with the release of “She Wolf Of The SS”, thanks to a playful black riffage and chorus, in which the singer dictates the title of the song with infectious stubbornness.”

Review at Metal Hammer Italia​! “Blood Feast” was selected as “top album”! 85/100
“The thing is, I can’t get this outcast disc off the stereo (yes, I used a nineties paper expression). The mephitic concoction proposed by Runar Pettersen’s band is lysergic, hypnotizing, obsessive. The school is the old one, we can’t go wrong on this. The point is that The Devil’s Rejects have managed to throw thrash (Slayer style), black (not to mention Darkthrone), heavy (at times the Maidenian inspiration is clear), with some splash of doom and death, bringing out a soup that is as toxic as it is dependent.”

Review from Ivan S. at Friedhof Magazine:
“With a lyrical theme that pretends to be a tribute to the classic horror movies, The Devil’s Rejects not only embark us on a musical journey, but we can also review mythical fantasy movies, from commemorating the Ilsa series, the wolf of the SS in the cut “She Wolf Of The SS”, a song where the bass line stands out in a very creative way.”

Review from Ronny Østli at Norway Rock Magazine:

Review from Ove Ringdal at Scream Magazine #243:

Review from Bård “Faust” Eithun (Emperor, Djevel, Blood Tsunami):
Hailing from Oslo, Norway, The Devil’s Rejects might be a relatively new band but hold some good old bastards from the underground scene in its ranks. As the name might indicate, this lot is rather horror inspired and the reminiscence of genre-allies Necrophagia comes to mind, even musically I’d say. Mix this with some Slayer-esque riffing, pour in some black metal leanings and melodies and you get the grip. Even though the band is well known in the Norwegian underground scene by now, Blood Feast is the debut album and consists of eight tracks, and none too long, which leaves the listener wanting to start the album all over again. Embracing the more heavier elements of metal, The Devil’s Rejects is never too fast, a huge relief in itself, in a world where metal is going more and more towards a competition in stamina and math-infused drum patterns. I can highly recommend the album and don’t be surprised if you hear more of this band. `Cause you definitely will.

Review from Gareth Beams at Metal Temple:
“Seven Women for Satan” starts off with a SLAYER-esq riff, you’ll know which I mean. The pace is not at high levels, but the melodies work together to create something in the regions of what POSSESSED would be happy with.”

Review from S.A. Destroyer (Nocturnal Breed):
Continuing the stronghold of Oslo’s underground Thrash scene. The Devil’s Rejects really owes up to their crushing 2016 demo with their new album “Blood Feast”. Cutting through with some epic horror twists on the riffs. Carving a clear line of where the band stands as to inventiveness of catchy melodies and ugly ‘Nekrocharm’. Like a horror-clad Slayerish meets Darkthrone thing. But also adding their own stamp of gore to the flesh. Riding on a truly cruel bloodstained carpet of well controlled vocals, I can only say, this truly draws up red lines to the astounding vocals of Simon Forrest from Cerebral Fix. A well proportioned kick in the head if I ever heard one. And according to my Thrash barometer. A storm of fresh blood of a debut! I recommend you take this one to the bunker for a good listen people!